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Australian 5 piece band, Ninety Two Degrees have released a new album entitled ‘The Sensory Filter’. This is their second album, and follow up to their debut ‘Dystopian’. The group is from Melbourne, Australia, and were born as a result of of the Covid lockdowns. They make alternative rock music that has a lot of depth. Not relying on technology, but actual instruments and vocals to generate their sounds. The lyrics, are rich and entrenched with thought-provoking meaning.
The new album, The Sensory Filter, features 15 original tracks. Some of these tracks are very long, reaching over 21 minutes in length. A real oddity in 2023, don’t see a lot of jam bands rocking out like that these days. The band says ‘The Sensory Filter’ is about the response we had to the Covid shutdowns. More than that though, their opinion on how the earth has fallen from grace, being fueled by AI and addicted to technology. With that being said, this band is going against the grain and avoiding social media to earn fans, they feel they can earn more real fans by letting the music speak itself. Plus, by being featured in places like here of course.

Below, you can listen to ‘The Sensory Filter’ via Spotify, also watch a music video from a song on the album. Please add them to your playlists and give them a share if you like what you hear.

Listen to Ninety Two Degrees Album ‘The Sensory Filter’ Now

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