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The producer Nathaniel Johnson, aka Jay, has released a new album ‘Mosaic’. Jay is a composer, beat maker, song writer and DJ. His beats are inspired by various genres, including funk, soul and R&B. But he’s also traveled around the world, taking in inspiration for his music from all over. Now, Jay resides in the Midwest, in Missouri to be exact. That’s where he created this new album.

Jay Johnson produced 10 new tracks, that fill out the new album ‘Mosaic’. These tracks are instrumental, and provide an easy listening back drop to any activity. Each sound has it’s own flare, creating a diverse mosaic of music throughout. Piano leads the way throughout this album, but then you have the hip hop beats perfectly married together with that keyboard. We love this album and you can listen to it below via Spotify.

Listen to the Jay Johnson New Album ‘Mosaic’

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