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The Canadian pop and R&B singer Evan Croft has released a new single ‘Have You Seen This Girl?’. We’ve featured Evan in our magazine before, he’s a very talented artist and entertainer. Check out our interview with Evan here. His sound can’t be strictly labeled as one genre, but it’s a good mix of hip hop, electronic, pop and R&B. This new song leans towards the R&B genre I’d say.

Evan Croft new single ‘Have You Seen This Girl?’ is a song about a beautiful girl, as the title may suggest. It’s a lovely story about your eyes catching one girl in particular at the club and falling fast. But then, losing track of her and trying to find the one that got away. As we’ve come to expect from Evan, it’s beautifully sung. The backing instrumentals are perfectly suited. It all came together brilliantly to be another great release. Check it out on Spotify below and all other major digital streaming sites.

Evan Croft single ‘Have You Seen This Girl?’

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