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MuzicNotez: First off, it’s an honor to be doing this interview with you, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us.

Introduce yourselves, what are your names and rolls in the band?

  • Wolf & Moon: My pleasure thank you for reaching out to me.

    We are Dennis and Stefanie. Stefanie on vocals and keys and some spds drumpads. Dennis on vocals and guitar and running ableton (for our drummachines and lights etc). We write all the songs together and we also create all the visual aspects of the band like our music videos and photos etc.

MuzicNotez: How did you meet and form up? How long have you been together?

  • Wolf & Moon: We met in 2013 in a bar going out, in a Dutch city called Utrecht. Dennis fell in love with Stefanie on the first night we met. Two months later we were together. 9 months later we started playing music together and we never stopped. We went on a USA tour that summer discovered how great it was to be in a band together.

MuzicNotez: How did you come up with the name Wolf & Moon?

  • Wolf & Moon: We were jamming on a boat on the canals of Utrecht. Dennis was playing something on the guitar and Stef started singing (improv). Somehow the words “Wolf and Moon” came up in the jam. We looked at each other and knew this would be our band name. Weird kind of things falling in to place.

MuzicNotez: Who were your musical influences, idols, or bands growing up that have helped mold you into the band you are today? Or helped mold the music that you create?

  • Wolf & Moon: Stef: The first CD I bought from my own money was Mozart, when I was eight. I had piano lessons and was learning classical songs on the piano. When I was twelve I started listening to more rocky music. First Avril Lavigne was a big influence, cause when you are a girl that age and all of a sudden you see a girl on a skateboard singing rocky pop songs and playing electric guitar you just wanted to be her! Until that moment you only ever saw boys doing that. She planted that idea of: hey girls can actually do that too! Later I turned more into Incubus, The Hives or Linkin Park. Until I discovered Feist, Regina Spector and Sia. At that time Sia was still a small indie artist. From then on they kind of were my role models for what I wanted to do with music.

    Dennis: My first musical influences were a lot of HipHop and the Prodigy (Fat of the Land was the first CD me and my brother bought) because I was influenced a lot by my big brother. Then I discovered the guitar on my own and guitar bands in a wide range from Blink182, Pearl Jam to the first 2 Coldplay Albums. Coldplay (A Rush Of Blood To The Head) was the first big concert I saw and it left a deep impression. After Coldplay I had a huge Radiohead (still one of the favourites) phase and discovered more indie bands at the time such as Arcade Fire, The Shins, The National and now a huge Bon Iver fan. Now all of this shaped how we approach music.

    When Dennis and I met, we both liked Feist and Angus & Julia Stone. So that was our common factor. What also defined our sound al lot was that Stef quite early on realized that we should play with a drummachine and keep everything easy to travel with. So we had ipad (with drumloops) little travel guitar and toy’r’us keyboard (with good bass synth sound) and that was it. Months later we refined our sound with our producer John Andersson (in Stockholm Sweden) and added more analog synth layers and hollow body elect. Guitars.

MuzicNotez: What’s the greatest concert you’ve ever been to or performed?

  • Wolf & Moon: Dennis: we were lucky to go to the Berlin People festival twice, organized by Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and Aaron Dessner (the National) and people from Michel Berger Hotel (in berlin). It was such an amazing experience! The artist (Feist, Bon Iver, Dessner brother and a huge list) had spent a week before creating new little projects and performances. We as an audience wouldn’t know what we would see when we went in the room. It often was a new piece or a new collaboration that was we saw for the first time. It was really special. I remember also that it was so easy to approach these heroes of ours because often they were also walking somewhere on the terrain etc.

    One of the best gigs we played was playing a sold-out Berghain Kantine in Berlin, the whole vibe was right.

MuzicNotez: What’s the ultimate goal you want your music to achieve, or for you to achieve in your career as a band? Any particular message you wish to send?

  • Wolf & Moon: Our goal or wish is that we will forever be able to make music and perform live. Sometimes it is hard, because of many different reasons. We hope we will never stop. For our fans we wish to feel somehow encouraged when they listen to our songs.

MuzicNotez: Your latest release is the track ‘Lost & Low’, how would you describe this track? What motivated it?

  • Wolf & Moon: It started in a rehearsal room, we just jammed a bit and wanted to create something uptempo. At that time a very dear person was going to a very, very dark period in his live. He went to the Caribbean Islands for a better life but found himself in a nightmare. That’s what you kind of hear in the song, us calling him back home. We love the contrast of the music being more summer good vibes and the lyrics a bit darker, but still uplifting.

MuzicNotez: You also released a music video for ‘Lost & Low’. You have a lot of great videos, what’s your process like for creating them?

  • Wolf & Moon: Thanks! We are glad you like them and supported us with putting them on your frontpage  Normally we shoot, direct, edit all our videos with just the two of us. On Lost & Low however we had a friend from Mexico who offered to us to shoot on his 8mm camera. We love the analog look and feel of it. Sometimes our videos our more conceptual sometimes more about creating a vibe that fits the music. We had a whole couple of videoshoots on our previous album that were inside the house because of the Covid lockdown. So for this album we wanted to shoot more outside again.

MuzicNotez: What else are you working on? What can we expect to see and hear from you in the future?

  • Wolf & Moon: Right now we are working on our live set up and bringing all the songs to the stage. We have build our stage design and want to get everything ready for the release of the complete album in August. We are also releasing one more video for a song called ‘Things’ that will be the focus track of the album on release. We are currently still editing the video, which we shot in the Netherlands with Dennis’ little nephew playing a younger version of Dennis and we also found little Stef. The video is going to be a bit Wes Anderson style, boy meets girl adventure. After that we hope to go back to the studio to finish one more song that we have lying around which we really like. Our tour starts in October!

MuzicNotez: Anything else you wish to say about yourself or your music? Any message for your fans?

  • Wolf & Moon: If you like our music we hope to see you on our tour in October. We can’t wait to be play live and we feel that with this latest album we have many great concerts awaiting us. Also a message to music fans; please still take time to listen to a full album of your fav. Artists. It’s an artform that we hope won’t disappear. With all the algorithms and playlists it is sometimes weird to see an album being picked apart in singles while you tried to create a great collection of songs in a specific order. And some people think more about the playlist then about what artist they are listening too. We think this damages the relationship between artist and listeners. For all who follow us anywhere, we love you.

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