Bongo Boy Records has collaborated with FYC by MoPromo to create the 65th Annual FYC Album by various award-winning artists. This album is released every year at Grammy time to celebrate the new FYC season. This year’s release is a big one, featuring a two album set. All of the independent artists on this release were accepted in the first voting ballot of The Recording Academy. FYC of course stands for ‘For Your Consideration’, as these artists had the honor of being considered for the high honor. They may not have won Grammy’s yet, but they certainly have won a variety of other awards throughout their music careers.

The 65th FYC Album was released on February 3rd, 2023. The first album features 14 tracks on the first disc, and 14 on the second, totaling 28 great tracks. This compilation album features songs in a wide variety of genres and from artists all over the world. There certainly is something for everyone to enjoy in this release. This is the perfect listen for somebody that wants to hear something new that they would have missed out on otherwise. They did a great job picking and arranging the tracks on this album. You would think mixing so many genres of music would be a difficult task, but they found a way to do it seamlessly and it all works perfectly. This is a great way to prop up these artists that certainly should and will be considered for more in the future.

You can listen to the album below via Spotify, or on any of the major digital streaming sites here. Check out last years album The 64th FYC Album.

Grab the full double disc album here »

Disc 1 (59:31)
1. NEURONIUM – One Light- Year Away from You 4:19
2. Rhonda Head – Rain Dance (Remix) 3:03
3. Kick The Wicked – Spit It Out 3:35
4. Patrick McLaughlin – Big Sky 3:10
5. STUDEO – Silence 4:19
6. Clark Ford – I Won’t Give Up on You feat. Underground Treehouse 3:03
7. Eugenie Jones – Sittin’ at The Bar 4:50
8. Gar & Myke – Intentional Chaos 2:35
9. ARTIC BABA – Mr. Crazy 4:42
10. E.G. Holmes – WARM (Extended Play) feat. Dave Edwards 4:37
11. Alex Otey – Back to Feeling Fine 4:00
12. The NEW Bardots – (Just) Another Dance in The City 3:31
13. OBLIVEA – The Crash feat. Last Obelisk 4:08
14. Grit’s Guitar – Cry Me a River 9:37

Disc 2 (61:40)
1. Tess Remy-Schumacher – ASA for Cello Solo (Composer Kitt Wakeley) 4:28
2. Lisa Swerdlow – A Rhapsody Lives in You 4:24
3. Sheba The Mississippi Queen – Beg Borrow and Steal feat. The Bluesmen 3:50
4. Aaron Aranita and Eastbound – Samba Del Sol 5:15
5. Eugenie Jones – As Long As 4:22
6. Yocontalie Jackson – Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary ( Radio Edit) 3:20
7. Bible Belt Blues – The Only Way to Heaven 4:20
8. Gar Francis – Too Far Gone 3:45
9. Clark Ford – Celebrate the Sun feat. Underground Treehouse 3:36
10. Kick The Wicked – Blinded by The Lie 4:15
11. Helen O’Shea – Beautiful You feat. Yancyabril 3:42
12. Anaya Music – Inner Peace 2:21
13. Rhonda Head – Kisahkihitin I Love You 4:13
14. Grayhawk – A Tutu Pele Goddess (Remastered) 9:46

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