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Eclectic, inspiring, and entertaining songwriter Sarantos is back with another monthly single release. For November Sarantos is giving us Comets, a thought-provoking imaginative metaphor-based narrative that compares love and youth to that of a comet. Not sure how that would work? “When you’re young, You fly too close to the sun, You’re always on the run, But everyday is fun, When you’re young.” And like a comet, “Love is forever, The young can ride the wave, Only love is forever, Cuz’ comets fade away.” It is these introspective lyrics that make the troubadour Sarantos so appealing to a wide audience. As he shapes seemingly simple lyrics, the underlying perception is always much greater than the sum of its parts. Now couple these witty and insightful lyrics over a slow tempo groove and we have one of Sarantos’ more commercially accessible singles, one that captures the theatrical performance while maintaining that tight groped that is almost hypnotic. What I most like about this track is that dark undertone that accompanies the lyrics: “Love is forever, And comets fade away, Hundreds of possessed, Close in on their prey.” The overall feeling and mood as the song reaches its pinnacle now is shaped into a whole new perspective.

Accompanied by a colorful lyric video, Sarantos looks to reach out to as many as he can with each monthly release. And, as an avid worker for many charities, the songs he produces help fund his philanthropic causes. In the case of Comets, however, this song reaches more of a personal level with many instead of championing a specific cause. A song of self-reflection perhaps, or a song that encourages others to grapes their own mortality as the youth fads away. This rock track would fit perfectly on any Rock, Experimental, Dance, or even Hip-Hop playlist as the vocals open with a pseudo-rap reminiscent of his earlier works. Personally, I find Comets to be a very enjoyable track, but I also feel that true appreciation for this work is only possible with many listens, which I intend to do.

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