The indie music scene gained an impactful new track upon Alex Krawcyzk’s latest release, ‘Better Days’. It’s a hopeful tune with a base of soft strumming and keys, the essence of ballady indie songs. Despite the simplicity of the instrumental, it compliments the song because the focus should be on Alex’s notable vocals and strong lyrics.

Alex is a practiced vocalist. She may not perform live, but she blesses the studio every time she steps into the vocal booth. That’s her stage. Many of her songs feel like she’s reading off her own personal journal. She’s known to be open with her emotions, pouring them out and forming them into lyrics. ‘Better Days’ is no exception to that.

Alex is a chart-topping artist with thousands of Spotify streams. She’s earned quite a bit of attention for her music. Artists in the indie folk scene work hard to garner attention for their music. She’s put in the work and is seeing results. I feel this is only the initial upward slope of her success, and I’m intrigued to see how high up she’ll rise with her powerful releases.

MuzicNotez Crew

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