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A sprawling soaring scope takes shape over the course of “Looking Up at the World” reveling in the deep-seeded optimism found within Sarantos’ lyricism. Vocals for him offer a great emotional range. The story arc that takes place over the entirety of the song feels refreshingly honest. With a series of sweeping gestures, the work has a symphonic take. Outright joyous in all the right places, the piece becomes arena-filling as it takes its time in evolving in unexpectedly beautiful ways. No matter what though his voice continues to be a beacon of hope as the rest of the piece swirls about them in a fiery way.

From the very beginning he starts things off strong. Guitars epically race on to the forefront, a mixture of western rock with a shoegaze tinge to it. Upon the inclusion of his lyricism though he takes things to a much higher level. Here nods to the expansiveness of the universe appear throughout, helping to give it a timeless grace to it. It also helps that Sarantos tends to go for something a bit less obsessed with trends in his arrangements, for the hit of the drums to the scope of the groove allow a wide space. With every reiteration the song gains a post-rock ethos. Right for the final stretch the piece seemingly rushes up into the very universe, for the many layers reach a fevered crescendo.

“Looking Up at the World” features the undeniable strength of Sarantos for he speaks to the very heart.

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