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“Pray for Peace” offers a tender ode for a world devoid of violence, reveling in Lady Redneck’s gentle, spirited storytelling. Her guitar sings alongside her for much of the work. Acoustic guitar work nimbly joins her powerful yet subdued voice. With the song taking quite some time in building up a power behind the entirety of the thing is something that is a true joy to behold. The rest of the band proves to be especially strong as well, holding back until the latter half of the piece. By having a bit of a balance between the singular and the communal, it gives it a distinct narrative.

This narrative starts things off strong. Voice and the guitar work on through making sure the listener’s attention is directed towards the verses. By making sure that the rest of the sound stays quiet the intensity of the work has a strength to it. Everything about it means that the zeitgeist gets explored in full, for the compassion for others is outright glorious. With each reiteration of the small theme the song’s strength becomes readily apparent. For the latter half of the work the rest of the band features prominently, as it has a grandeur to it. All of it feels righteous for the rest of the song has this fullness, adding to the sense that the evolution has a poignancy to it. Much like it mirrors the help that comes for those righteous ones, the song ends on a high note.

Lady Redneck delves into a wonderfully sweet and timely message on “Pray for Peace”.

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