Lo-fi R&B intimacy, HeIsTheArtist sings straight from the soul on the lovely “The Faded Outro EP”. Every song nicely builds off the last. Best taken in as a singular whole there is a journey that takes root over the course of the EP. The beats have a crispness to them for they have an almost throwback quality to them. Outside of the grooves he features a degree of wistfulness as the arrangements explore concepts of yearning, of loneliness, isolation, and does so in a way that has a highly unique quality to it.

“Cloudy Sunday Morning (Intro)” starts things off with gusto, as the piano skitters above the rest of the song, giving it a dreamy disposition to it. Expansive to its very core “Summertime” has a soulfulness to it, for the bluesy aspect feels quite righteous. By keeping things to the essentials there is an intimacy to it. True compassion defines and frame the entirety of “I Want You Around” for the song unfurls at its own pace. Melted tempos take shape for “Boom (Remastered)” draws a bit from the inspiration of DJ Screw, as the song flows through at the pace of molasses. By far the highlight of the entire EP pops up with “Colored”. Absolutely gorgeous the noir vibes have a sense of care to them. “The Faded Outro” brings the whole of the experience to a rather meditative finale.

“The Faded Outro EP” features the incredible ear for melody that proves HeIsTheArtist to be a truly remarkable artist.

MuzicNotez Crew

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