Website: www.LesFradkin.com
Twitter: @lesfradkin

Once again, we’re writing about a MuzicNotez favorite, Les Fradkin. This time, it’s for his new single ‘Under The Covers’. We have come to realize Les Fradkin is one of the more active artists there is. He’s constantly releasing new music, and all of the tracks are very well written and produced.

The new single, ‘Under The Covers’ has already received a lot of success. Over 200k streams on Spotify already and reaching the #1 spot on various radio stations in the UK. This track has a very big sound and a catchy chorus. As always, the vocals are spot on, the performance is on point and overall it’s just a great track. Plus, this song features his awesome 12 string bass, creating a very full sound. Have a listen below to help increase those stream numbers even more, and I’m sure we will be writing about Les again soon, so stay tuned.

MuzicNotez Crew

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