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Indie folk-rock vets Lord Huron have returned. With their fourth LP Long Lost due out in May, fans of the Los Angeles based group known for their western-infused folk style have been given a taste of the new record with two released tracks. ‘Not Dead Yet’ is an impossible-not-to-tap-your-foot tune that chugs along to the same rhythm as a train rolling down the tracks, while ‘Mine Forever’ is a song begging to be the soundtrack to a time-pass montage in a Coen Brothers flick. Both are unmistakably Lord Huron, and both advance the Lord Huron sound. As is the case with most of Lord Huron’s catalogue, lead singer Ben Schneider’s lyrics, cadence, and delivery blend impeccably with the music to add a layer of depth that allows LH to stand out as a leader and trendsetter in the indie rock and folk spaces.

Judging by these two tracks, Long Lost gives the feel that not only is Lord Huron going to deliver on their unique sound that has garnered them international recognition and millions of fans but are going to do so in a way that avoids becoming stale and cliche. For fans who have been with the band since the beginning or for those who discovered Schneider and company after being introduced to them in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why with their unbelievably well-placed song ‘The Night We Met’, Long Lost promises an exciting next chapter to Lord Huron’s journey and is one that will put their evolution on full display. Long Lost‘s release date of May 21st is circled on my calendar as well as many other fans’ eager to hear this evolution and ingest a fresh new batch of LH songs. Come back to this same spot for the full album breakdown upon its release in May!

This review is written by MuzicNotez writer Dustin Mathias. Follow him on Twitter @DustinMathias31 & Instagram @dusmima

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