Winchester 7 and the Runners may seem like a full alternative rock band, with a rich history leading to the bands creation. But really, it’s a project lead by one man, Winchester 7. This one man band is a vision fully realized and brought into reality by that one man, whom sings all the vocals, plays all the instruments and produces all the music and media. The result is a sound that becomes a full band experience.

The debut EP by Winchester 7 and the Runners is entitled ‘Beyond The Dome’, which you can listen to below via Spotify. It has 7 tracks all written, performed and produced by Winchester 7. The debut was released last year. But the music hasn’t stopped, a music video was released for the single ‘The Golden Age’, which you can also view below. This better illustrates the “band” concept of this project, as it appears there’s several people, however, via the power of technology, they’re all the same man, the brains and artist behind this whole creation.

MuzicNotez Crew