Sisters with Bars, sisters with voices
In 2016, they decided to become a force together. They saw an image, that could become a reality; and that transformed into Pretti Emage.
The name by itself should catch your attention and make you want to see exactly what is Pretti Emage. If you look hard enough you will see, the Riley sisters. Jaleesah “Mizz Attitude” and Zayah “Baby Girl” together form Pretti Emage, with a pretty image.
Blessed with the ability of spitting; “spitting” is another word for “rapping”. Being beautiful and talented isn’t a bad pretty image to have. The decision to swim after their dreams in clear waters; out of Clearwater, Florida, is worth it.

Website: PrettiEmage.com
Twitter: @PrettiEmage
Instagram: @Pretti_Emage

Performing throughout the U.S. and with a wave they created with their hit songs “Bad Mamacita” and “Turn Up”. Getting some major love on social media. These young queens are out here building an empire, and doing it independently. That’s major to have the ability to take your career into the direction you want it to go; or walk your path and follow your own lead.
It’s not just two young queens rapping, they are singing too. Sisters with bars (SWBs), and sisters with voices (SWVs); and they are coco girls. They are in their own lane; they aren’t too grown. With their age appropriate bars, and song writing.
With their latest project titled Playlist. Playlist, gives you a blend of rapping and singing. The bar arrangements, flows and singing on Playlist, are dope. You will sit there and start bobbing your head. You have to admire females that can go in on a track. It makes you want to listen to what these young queens are really saying. With songs like “It’s A Wrap” and “Gucci”. The line “I’m young blessed and I’m gifted” off the song, “Gucci” hits loud. The message on “Battlefield” is true. It has so much going on outside, but let’s not forget me; and how I feel inside. To end it with “Our Time”. It’s definitely their time. Pretti Emage is here. If you are a lyrical person, then you would appreciate Pretti Emage and what they have to offer to the music world. Share their words, beats, and thoughts. Make Playlist a part of your playlist. It will be a part of mine as well.
I end with this. Pound fists up for these two queens doing their thing. I salute these young sisters with bars, and sisters with voices.

This review was written by MuzicNotez writer J. Anthony Grigger

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