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Grant Duncan’s latest independent release “Alliance” only solidifies the singer/songwriter’s lengthy musical history as an exemplary musical genius with a flair for brilliantly crafted pop songs. Aside from a solo career, Grant also serves as the frontman for Tokyo based indie pop combo Pavement Candy which have been fixtures in the Tokyo live circuit since 2004. Leaving New Zealand to reside in Tokyo, Japan, Grant seemingly pulls inspiration from his varied locale settings to paint beautiful sonic landscapes almost as effortlessly as a lesson from Bob Ross. Grant’s vocals are as smooth as a four-grain bourbon gently poured over ice leaving the listener with a wistful lyrical burn during consumption. “Alliance” is Grant Duncan’s masterpiece and an approximate 35-minute runtime of Zen for the listener. If you need proof, pull up a comfy chair, kick back and play “Back to the Place” at a comfortable volume. The haunting vocal echoes of Grant will slowly send your subconscious racing to memories and places long lost from the scurry and worry of everyday life.
As striking as “Alliance” is sonically, one can’t help but hear a slight 90’s retro feel glossing the surface and an unmistakable Finn brothers influence that serves as the albums undercurrent. Make no mistake, the influence is an honest depiction of brilliant songwriting and comparisons to the Split Enz is a praiseworthy badge of honor. Grant has mastered his craft and has built a magnum opus for listeners to relish. “Alliance” is a summer contender for favorite album and will be in rotation for quite some time. Grant Duncan’s “Alliance” can be found on Bandcamp or at Amazon.
This review was written by DB Dale. Follow him on Twitter @TommyTutone5
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