Website: www.GoodnGone.net

The country rock band GoodnGone comes at us straight out of Dallas, Texas. Fronted by Jimmie Davidson on vocals, Tom Brandish on the lead guitar, Richie Davis hitting the drums and Forrest Johnson slapping the bass guitar. The band has been rocking for almost a decade now and have toured around the Texas/Oklahoma areas.
GoodnGone brings a high energy rock sound intertwined with country twang roots. The songwriting is great, the riffs are heavy, drums on point and the vocals perfectly bring it all home. The new single ‘Freewill’ expresses the truth that we’re all open to do what we want, but our choices have consequences. Something we could all use a little reminder on in this day and age. Check out the track below via Soundcloud, and be sure to follow their social pages linked above.

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