A good friend of MuzicNotez, Michael Egleton, has sent an exclusive look at his latest raw unmastered track off the highly anticipated upcoming album ‘In The Q’. It is simply amazing.
Egleton is a Jazz/R&B artist out of Ohio. Egleton was introduced to music at the age of seven when is mother brought home his first guitar. Egleton has been making music ever since. 
The name of Egleton’s raw unmastered track is “Situations”. The track is real smooth and once the vocals are laid and mastered, it will be a must hear for the music lovers out there. Especially for the Jazz/R&B community. For those who do not know who Micheal Egleton is, I suggest going to Egleton’s website, where you can listen to his latest albums. You will not be disappointed in Egleton’s raw talent. 
Listen to some other finished tracks off the upcoming album ‘In The Q’ below.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Shanet
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