It’s never too late for a new beginning; as our past fades, we can seize our future. Liv Warfield, Nancy Wilson, and bandmates from their pasts playing with Prince and Heart are all moving beyond their old careers and digging into their musical foundations for a combined sound as fresh as it is raw. Following their first release ‘Get Loud’, Roadcase Royale returns with second single ‘Not Giving Up’.

A twangy rendition of the song’s main melody leads us into this stomp rocker, which alternates between a screeching, surging chorus and the soothing harmonies of its verses. These professionals sound effortless laying down this piece of fundamental rock, no frills required. Their decades of experience can be heard in the earthy harmonies, reminiscent of early Heart, and the tight songwriting delivered passionately that Prince and his band became known for.

But Roadcase Royale are their own beast, as ‘Not Giving Up makes abundantly clear. The band is very of-the-times, with lyrics molded to our current political realities and their crisp roots-rock sound providing just the energy needed to get up again and keep up the good fight. We’re awaiting their next release with bated breath.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Haakon Williams
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