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Hard hitting Rock ‘n’ Roll is back with the help of KALO! The Israeli native studied in music, then made the move to New York where she perfected her craft as a performer. After releasing a couple albums and touring across the states, providing electrifying shows, the new album ‘Wild Change’ is finally about to drop July 7th, 2017.
Combining rock, blues and roots genres, this female fronted band delivers a sound that is totally unique and exhilarating. With so much over produced music these days, it’s always refreshing to have a band just pick up their instruments, play with heart and put out some amazing new music for us to rock out to. The guitar riffs are infectious and the vocals have soul, building a sound that will punch you in the face forcing you to throw up the rock fist. Enjoy a preview below, and be sure to grab the album when it comes out.

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