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Zack’s Website: www.ZachRussack.com/
Zack’s Facebook: Facebook.com/ZachRussackMusic

Independent singers/songwriters/musicians Kara Hartzell and Zack Russack have released a wonderful acoustic folk-pop audio entitled “Meadowlands.” The song was made public on May 1, 2017. Kara Hartzell hails from Pennsylvania and plays bass for the folk/rock group Alex Merry and the Townsmen while Zack Russack is working on a self named project.
“Meadowlands” is an incredibly comfortable song. It sings to the importance of home. Hartzell and Russack’s vocals, though excellent individually, create a sensational third voice when they sing harmonies. Their voices fill the song with a richness that is not typically heard in most folk rock.
The guitar work is phenomenal; full sound strummed, plucked and picked and the expertise of the guitarist is unquestioned. The song is catchy and it will make you hum the rest of the day. The hook pulls it all together and when you hear it you’ll be hooked as well. The song “Meadowlands” is a fine example of music written about and from the heart.
A great suggestion for you is to check out the audio “Meadowlands” created and performed by Kara Hartzell and Zack Russack right now! You won’t be sorry.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer John Walker
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