The multi-award winning Welsh artist Darren Parry has released the highly anticipated new single ‘The Grass Ain’t Always Greener’. The overall concept of this song is obviously something we can all relate to. Life’s journey can be a difficult one, and thoughts start to creep in to our head that somebody else may be better off. You may think looking over the fence that the grass is greener, but more often than not as Darren declares, it ain’t!
As usual Darren is the lead vocalist on this track, and also plays guitar. Rob Devereux handles lead guitar, new female vocalist Kaysha Louvain on backing vox, and Al Steele on bass (plus additional guitar/engineering). ‘The Grass Ain’t Always Greener’ was recorded at Shabbey Road Studios in South Wales.
This high energy, catchy country-rock track will not only get you moving, but it’ll stick with you! The punching guitar riff pulls you in and keeps you rockin’ the whole way. Darren’s stellar vocals are spot on as always! Have a listen to the track below on Soundcloud, and grab it on all major digital outlets now.

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