Angharad Drake hails from Australia; she released her first E.P. in 2010 and continued to self release more. Her new Album Ghost released this year is an Indie music gift. Her periwinkle voice will enchant you into her world. I envision a beautiful fairy by a stream singing away, while she dreamily plays by a bustling brook. The melodic strum of the guitar is refreshing and raw, done with graceful strides.
Her songs are like little stories being told to us as children. You travel down a road of wonder with her, as she shares what’s in her heart. Her translucent vocals are Joni Mitchell esk, which makes it all the more appealing to listen. Enjoy her in the morning with a warm cup of coffee, or anytime you just want to slip away in your head and feel something.
When you listen, her music is all the Introduction you will need. Simplicity in lyrics is sometimes the most potent pros of music making. The voice and the music will do the rest. Angharad Drake is a delightful addition to the Indie culture, and it’s absolutely astounding way of making us the listeners feel music as it should be felt.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Jeremiah Wolever
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