Birds in the Boneyard have a very crisp and fresh sound. I absolutely love how this generation can relate not only to their lyrics but also their look and the feel of the music video “Can’t Complain.” This song is definitely one that I can see in a feature film or a television show. Personally I have listened to it more than a few times because not only is it catchy but inviting.
The production value of the music video is quite up to date with today’s bands and I certainly do see them going places based on how attractive their music is. Their voices work well together and transport you into their environment right away. The sepia tones give the video a feel of old time nostalgia that adds to the aesthetics of the story being told.
All in all if this band keeps putting out amazing music I’m pretty sure ‘we can’t complain.’

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Jay S.
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