RJ Comer is a self described outlaw singer/songwriter whom creates a stripped down version of Americana Rock, we would have to agree. His style is gritty, dark, soulful and real. The first single off of his upcoming EP named ‘Nightly Suicide’, is also named ‘Nightly Suicide’ and was released February 26th, along with the music video following on March 7th.
‘Nightly Suicide’ (the single) was inspired by US writer Charles Bukowski, the poet laureate of barflies. This song also paints a picture of RJ’s early life experience which he describes as “a lot of heavy drinking and nightly self-destruction”. You can feel the pain and scars of past decisions dripping off every note and lyric sung.
“I like songs and music videos that tell stories; they put the emotion of the song in a more powerful context than just singing ‘I feel this way; I feel that way’.”RJ Comer
The music video perfectly matches the song, truly illustrating the message. The video is fittingly covered by Bukowski’s screenplay ‘Barfly’. The video was directed by Guillermo Rodriguez. It was filmed in Granada, Spain and Los Angeles’s legendary music venue ‘The Mint’.
The EP ‘Nightly Suicide’ was released March 25th, you can pick it up here >>

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