The Afro Nick has that swag that only people who have really ‘lived’ ooze. Roll that up with his cool vocals, lyrics, and smooth guitar, this Greek native brings with him a soulful and heart-pounding sound. His earliest influences were his childhood memories of the gypsies playing their guitars for coins on the Venetian cobblestone streets of Crete. Now settled in NYC and highly involved in the music scene, his distinctive beginnings are just a part of his story that is unfolding.
The self-titled album “The Afro Nick” includes 11 raw, feel good tunes. My favorite so far is “Dream Big”. I am a sucker for music that not only sweetens my ears, but also heighten my inner goo.
Take a look at The Afro Nick’s video “It’s You” and experience this band’s aura for yourself!
Bands in Town: Want to find out if The Afro Nick will be in your town any time soon? Check it out here!

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Lagto @JALMuzicNotez
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