Comprising three excellent tracks of acoustic country pop, the new EP from US based songwriter Lonna Marie is a genuine gift. Each song is built from simple building blocks to create fully fledged tracks that simply glide from the speakers.
Helped by spare instrumentation that belies the depth of her ideas, Lonna Marie’s showpiece asset is superb vocal. Delicate and powerful at the same time, it’s the kind of voice that you can’t imagine ever faltering in terms of tone or melody. Any times when it does break or fold, it’s because the song needs it to convey the meaning and feel.
It’s a real skill to have this level of control over a vocal, and to have a voice like this in itself is a great boon. But the fact that it comes attached to these well written and superbly produced slivers of country-poprock is simply a bonus.
It’s sometimes difficult these days for the talented artists to hear above the sheer number of people out there releasing music. If there’s any justice, Lonna Marie will stand out from the crowd.

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