Irish born singer/songwriter Carl Finlay’s music is guaranteed to be the most unique and infectious thing you are likely to hear this year. An unusual and fresh blend of Folk, Rock and Reggae delivered with a beautiful Irish accent. Citing an eclectic spread of influences from Bob Dylan and James Blake to obscure Reggae and Folk artists, his music manages to be at once strikingly individual while remaining intimate and captivating.
Set for release on the 1st of December, Finlay’s debut single ‘So Hard to Be Happy’, explores the struggle of finding happiness and sincerity amongst the chaos of 21st century life. His vocal delivery on the track is truly something special, blending a clear influence of modern Jamaican Dancehall M.C’s with subtle echoes of some of the great Irish folk singers. There is also the presence of a Zimbabwean instrument called an Mbira which brings a haunting, earthy and unique flavour to the song.
Born in the countryside of Co. Meath, Ireland, Finlay hasn’t been shy to spread his wings and explore some of the most exciting corners of the world, he has recently returned from the Caribbean and has spent time living in Mexico and Slovakia. His worldly experiences transpire beautifully through his thoughtful and emotive story-telling lyrics.
Watch the music video for ‘So Hard to Be Happy’, an electrifying live performance, here:

Carl Finlay is poised to set the music world alight. His debut single is due out 1st December with a full length album set for release in the New Year. The album is crammed full of catchy and infectious songs that speak directly to the heart and soul of the human condition. It’s certainly something not to be missed. The talented Rupert Cobb has been involved with the album’s mastering. Some of Cobb’s previous work includes projects with The Killers, Muse, Massive Attack, Primal Scream and Paul Simon.
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