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Twitter: @DFocis
Website: www.DFocis.com

D.Focis is a Hip Hop artist and producer from Detroit, Michigan. He has released an impressive 100 plus published titles in the last 10 years as a producer. As an artist, he perfectly balances style and substance. His rhymes roll with his rhythm like a perfectly timed dance number. Everything is on point, while masterfully combining genres, instrumentals and background vocals. D.Focis isn’t just another rapper, he’s an unbelievably unique talent that you can just tell has that something extra to make it in such a competitive industry.
His latest release is his new album ‘Title Goes Here’. This is the quintessentially perfect album to chill to from start to finish. It’s a soulful album featuring elements of jazz and R&B. There are also a number of tracks that really kick it up a notch and get your head bobbing such as ‘Tape Deck’ and ‘Win’, showing his power as a lyricist and producer. D.Focis is an incredibly passionate artist, which shines through in each of his songs. We absolutely love this album, and know you will too! Stay tuned, as D.Focis is about to blow up.
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