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Wordsmith is an independent HipHop Artist hailing from Baltimore, MD. His style can be defined as a mix of the Golden Era of HipHop with the commercial appeal of today. Opening up his independent label NU Revolution Entertainment LLC. and his website Revolt Radio in 2009 he originally caught the attention of critics within Hip Hop circles by teaming with the legendary Chubb Rock for the release of their “Bridging the Gap” album during the same year. The duo’s single, “Old 2 the New” peaked at #2 on the Rapattacklives HipHop Charts,while their album peaked at #9 on the CMJ HipHop Charts. In 2010, Wordsmith took the buzz from Bridging the Gap and released his solo debut “Vintage Experience”. The album spawned a single called,”Hook-Up Hotline” that peaked at #14 nationally on the Urban indie charts. After taking 2011 off to promote some of the artists he brought on to his NU Revolution Entertainment LLC. imprint he returned with a life lesson album for his son titled “King Noah”. 8 of the songs (Never be the Same, Eye for the Spotlight, Essence of Life, Voice of the World, We Do It Better, Music for the Masses, Grudges & Growing Pains & On My Job) off the project were licensed to several major companies like ESPN, NFL Network, MLB Network, PGA Tour, CiCi’s Pizza, 2012 Wake Games & more.

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