Go Tunebreaker. Go Gold. Go Global!

The Love Child of iTunes and the Grammy’s is born!! (with our own little twist!) Tunebreaker.com – The acclaimed new Platform & Award for Independent Artists Worldwide

What is Tunebreaker?

1. Tunebreaker is THE new platform & awards for global unsigned & independent artists & the new music community.

2. Our mission is to keep TuneBreaker evolving to elevate all artists to the global music industry, whilst artists retain all rights.

3. Whatever genre, country, or experience any artist has, what matters is your will to succeed & energy to use TuneBreaker to get noticed.

4. Free to join! Easy to register! No Cut Off time to Enter EVER! The TuneBreaker award has prizes for artists & for fans; artists always receive download royalties, even if they don’t win the award.

5. Our chosen charity “War Child” receives a share from each sale, & has done so since we started. Also, with 3 awards already under our belt, we are trusted globally.

6. Fans have 4 easy & innovative ways to vote for all artists making TuneBreaker seriously interactive and compelling.

7. Artists – Create you profile in minutes for FREE using our quick & efficient content management system; Fans register even quicker!

8. Once registered Artists & fans use your Facebook login & keep up to speed & on the go too!

9. Our unique, innovative & addictive TuneBreaker Live Charts™ give artists real exposure to the world’s music fans & music industry, plus it’s great fun.

10. So, what have you to lose? Join 1000’s of artists & fans around the world loving the TuneBreaker experience. Be a part of the new music community that protects & elevates artists & helps less fortunate kids.

11. (And just like the Spinal Tap Amp – we go up to eleven!!). Remember: Artists, you get elevated to the music industry, & fans, you discover & support great new music, acts & trends!!

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