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Winner of Artist of the Year 2012 and nominated for Best Album of the Year, Best Rock Artist of the Year and Best Pop Artist of the Year at the Artist In Music Awards 2012, The Controversy is an acclaimed indie rock band based in Los Angeles, CA. What started out as The Controversy’s lead singer’s solo project, Laura Vall, quickly evolved into a more mature sound with the increasing involvement of the guitar player, co-writer and co-producer of the project, Thomas Hjorth. The Controversy’s first album (still released under Laura Vall in July of 2011) “Real” has received critical acclaimed reviews, describing it as “stunning”, “off the hook”, “Rich songs with powerful lyrics and musical serenity”, “refreshing change from the overproduced pop” and “unique, powerfully emotional, honest and ethereal”.

The Controversy, who has already released two music videos for two of their singles (“Real” and “Little Star”), is now working on a new music video for their third single “So Low” and recording their second album, while performing live in the Los Angeles area. Supporters of gay rights, The Controversy is also the LGBTQ Person of The Year 2012.

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