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It’s our pleasure to introduce you to some new music just dropped by Zoe Moff! On May, 17th (2024) Zoe Moff new Latin hip hop EP ‘Bestia Göce’ was released. Zoe Moff is a very unique, and original artist. She is based in Denver, but is Argentinian. You can’t place her music in any one genre, it’s experiemental and totally her own. There are elements of hip hop, funk, jazz and of course Latin music in her sound though, combined with some political notes.

The new EP Bestia Göce, is 3 years in the making. It includes 3 tracks, ‘Contacto Pleno’, the title track and ‘No Puedo Escucharte’. We haven’t really heard anything like this before, the music has a lot of depth and a modern, cutting edge to it. Yet, there are more classical music elements, like in the percussion for example. Everything coming together, creates a fun listening experience like no other. Bestia Göce is definitely a vibe, and a groovy one at that. The lyrics touch on social injustices and political issues. Even without being familiar with the language, you can feel that within the music itself.

Have a listen to the EP below via Spotify and be sure to follow Zoe Moff on her socials to stay tuned for what’s next!

Zoe Moff New Latin Hip Hop EP ‘Bestia Göce’

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