Review of Magic New Hip Hop EP 'South Buffalo's Finest' New Album

Magic, aka Timothy Kern Barber, is an entrepreneur and hip hop artist. His latest release is the EP ‘South Buffalo’s Finest’. Magic new hip hop EP ‘South Buffalo’s Finest’ includes 5 new tracks. You can hear his story throughout, he’s looking to rep Buffalo and lift the city up. Beside being a hip hop artist himself, he’s ghost written for some legit artists apparently. We haven’t heard the tracks, so can’t speak too much on that. But he’s been ghost writing since 1989.

The new EP by magic ‘South Buffalo’s Finest’, is raw. It isn’t overproduced, the beats are laid back, his lyrics are the highlight. He has a good story telling quality to his songwriting, so the ghost writing makes sense. The EP was dropped April 26th, you can listen to it on Spotify. He has millions of streams there on previous releases as well. Listen below, enjoy!

Magic New Hip Hop EP ‘South Buffalo’s Finest’

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