California New Pop Rock Single 'Come Fly to Fall in Love' Band Interviews

Interview with Pop Rock Duo California on New Single ‘Come Fly to Fall in Love’

MuzicNotez: Great talking with you again! Your latest release is the single ‘Come Fly to Fall in Love’, what inspired this track? How was it written?

California: We were inspired to write Come Fly To Fall In Love because we hold the belief that positivity in pop music is an important thing. The lyrical concept comes from our extensive traveling around the world where we wanted to use that lyrical idea to highlight a spiritual concept of love.

What makes this song different from previous tracks?

California: For starters our use of the electric Oud and the mixing of western and eastern melodic concepts and ideas, integrated into western pop makes this track both a step forward for us, and something new from us.

Fittingly, you just got back from a trip to Europe together. How did that go?

California: Yes, we just got back from Europe for the second time in two months. We chose to go to Europe twice because we needed to obtain extensive footage towards our new video And not only did we travel throughout the Mediterranean in Europe, but we also spent time in Turkey and Tunisia in North Africa. We found the people in the Middle East to be extremely warm and generous with their time and help and were most impressed with the culture there.

Do you find musical inspiration when traveling around the world?

California: Of course we do – that’s one of the big reasons why we travel so much. Although Loretta and I are quite immersed in influences like western classical music, I’ve always maintained an interest in Middle Eastern music and my playing of the Oud doesn’t just reflect that interest, but I’ve also tried to bring the instrument into western pop music with an entirely new sounding approach.

How has your California duo’s sound been evolving over the years?

California: We try to keep a balance between the vocal sound harmony approach that we are known for, and some instrumental, Inovations from time to time and combining of things and arrangements that keep the focus interesting, and the music, innovative. In fact, I’m very interested in using modern effects and other modern technology to modify the sound of instruments like the Oud. Actually, I can’t think of any instance in the past, with anyone in rock or pop music who used a Middle eastern instrument, and attempted to modify the sound of it beyond its natural tone. Back in the 60s there was no technology available to do that and in terms of modern music I haven’t yet heard anyone else do it besides myself.

One of the reasons I’ve chosen this instrument, instead of just using a guitar is because it has no frets. It allows for slides, and glissando effects impossible on electric guitar with frets.

Where do you record your music? What’s the process like?

California: As you may know, we record everything in our own studio, and I play all the instruments on the tracks and Loretta and I sing all the vocal parts. We do not use artificial intelligence or autotune to enhance our work. Everything you hear is actually how we sound and how we play.

What else are you working on? What can we expect to see and hear from you in the future?

California: As you may know, I have been inducted into the Akademia music Hall of Fame. We’re working on promoting the single come fly to fall in love, and the video that goes with it, and we are very hopeful that the world will enjoy this merging of cultural styles as much as we do. We’ve noticed in particular that people in Europe and the Middle East are extremely positive in the response to the song, and we’re pleased to note that it’s already a hit on Spotify. We feel this is the natural follow up to “Perfect World “ not only because there’s certain similarity of approach, but because the video approach is similar and I think that our fans have been waiting quite a long time for us to follow up that approach. We hope this new video will be extremely enjoyable to watch for them.

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