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Chloe Florence New Pop EP ‘Chrysalis’

Chloe Florence is a pop singer and songwriter out of Montreal, Canada. Today (May 17th, 2024), Chloe Florence New Pop EP ‘Chrysalis’ was dropped. The EP includes 2 new singles, the title track ‘Chrysalis’ and ‘Like That’. Her popular track ‘Crawl’ is also on this release, among others like ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Midnight Paranoia’.

Chloe’s alternative pop sound has a lot of depth. The songwriting is really good throughout this EP. Production is very good as well, they created a very full sound. Sometimes, pop music can sound a bit generic and blend in with the crowd, but soon as I heard ‘Crawl’ on a Spotify playlist, it jumped out at me and I had to dig in to find more. The Chloe Florence euphoric sound is a full on experience. We think this is one of the best independent releases of the year so far, and definitely see Chloe Florence as a rising star that you need to know now.

Listen to the EP below via Spotify. Be sure to give her socials a follow to see what’s next and add her tracks to your playlists like we did!

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