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Ludlow Creek’s New Single ‘Rock for a Heart’

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The Ohio based Americana / Roots Rock band Ludlow Creek’s new single ‘Rock for a Heart’ just came out January 12th, 2024. We have featured this band before, so check out those features here. Ludlow Creek has won multiple awards over the years and risen to the top of various charts. They have built a strong fan base, with over 400k listeners on Spotify, whom are excited for the new track.

Ludlow Creek’s new single ‘Rock for a Heart’ is the 2nd single from their upcoming album, set to be released this summer. This was truly a full band collaborative process, as they all worked together on a retreat in Nashville to write the track. The song isn’t just a solid groove, it has a great message too. It’s about how men tend to have hardened hearts, and need help finding emotional vulnerability to soften up or “chip away the stone” as the song says. This is a long track, nearly 6 minutes. It’s solid all around, the songwriting, instrumentals and singing is all on point. We’re looking forward to hearing the new album!

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