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Rice official music video for rap single ‘New Jack’ is out now! He first released the single last month in September. Now, the official music video helps bring this track to life. Jerard Rice, known as just Rice in the music industry, is an artist, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. We have been plugging his releases for years now. You can see the growth he’s been having as an artist with each release. The production value and songs just keep getting better.

Now, Rice official music video for ‘New Jack’ takes things to yet another level. This perfectly relates with the song itself, which is about putting in work to meet your goals. Then as you advance, valuing yourself and building on that. We love seeing independent artists like Rice succeed. We have seen first hand that he has put in the work, and deserves every success he achieves. Check out the official music video for ‘New Jack’ below and be sure to give it a share. Plus, you can find it on Spotify as well. Add it to your playlists like we already did!

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