PsyKotyk Single 'Pieces' Artist Interviews

MuzicNotez: What motivated you to start creating music? What age did you begin?

  • PsyKotyk: Actually it’s kind of funny. I had dreamt of being a rapper since I was in Grade 3, I remember it like it was yesterday. Me and my bestfriend taking turns listening to either “The Eminem Show”, “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” by 50 or “And Then There Was X” by the Dog, my all time favorite, DMX (REST IN PEACE TO THE GOAT). I loved singing my whole life but I didnt actually get involved in writing until I was about 15 years old (2009) when I started writing poetry and journaling as a way to cope with some mental health struggles I began going through, and ultimately it transpired into lyrics and records. I still battle with depression, generalized anxiety disorder, ADHD, bipolar disorder and as of more recently, addiction issues, though I feel I am getting stronger everyday through the positive support I’ve been receiving lately from my fans, family and friends.

MuzicNotez: Who were your musical influences, idols, or bands growing up that have helped mold you into the musician you are today? Or helped mold the music that you create?

  • PsyKotyk: Like I said previously, X, 50 and Em will always be tremendous influences that gave me the courage to first begin this journey, but I also grew up on a lot of pop-punk like Blink 182, Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy. Influences such as Kurt Cobain can’t be forgotten as well even though I feel that answer is so diluted in today’s scene, but I feel like I truly understand and have lived the angst he was trying to portray. Young Artists who we unfortunately lost far too young have also been a major impact on my sound and my career, as well as my life. Mac Miller, Lil Peep, Amy Whinehouse and Xxxtentacion were all favorites of mine and they were all doing something that hadn’t been seen yet, and I believe that makes their untimely passings even that much more heartbreaking. I always have a hard time putting myself “in a box” when it comes to the whole genre thing and I believe these artists are a big part of that.

MuzicNotez: What’s the ultimate goal you want your music to achieve, or for you to achieve in your career as a musician? Any particular message you wish to send?

  • PsyKotyk: I want my fans to look at me, my music and my message and be positively affected in the way that would make them say “hey, hes not perfect, he doesn’t hide behind fairytales with his lyrics or cadences. Hes got issues but he uses his music as a superpower to overcome them and help others who may be going through similar situations. I want to do that too.” Of course I dream of stadium tours and sold out shows but I really just want to be able to teach the therapeutic power of this music thing because it is absolutely incredible. And if I put the stadiums and the sellout crowds before that then I would be forgetting what I really took that initial chance in the first place for.

MuzicNotez: What’s the latest release of yours? Tell us about it.

  • PsyKotyk: My latest release is a single that’s going be off my upcoming debut album (Name & Release Date TBA). The track is called “Pieces” and it is about struggling to get over that one that got away, and dealing with some of those vices that may pop up at times and twist your arm. It’s got a very catchy melody with a Rap-Rock style, sure to have head bobbin’ and foot tappin’, guaranteed!

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