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The power rock trio Hellgrimm latest release is the single ‘Sin After Sin (Lowie Mortem Version)’. Hellgrimm was formed back in 2018 and has released 3 albums already since then. The latest being ‘Ritual’, which was released in 2022 last year, and is where this new single drop comes from. The bands sound is inspired by the late 70’s and 80’s stadium rock bands, which you can definitely hear in the music. With the piercing vocals, souring solo’s and pounding drums. Fittingly with a name like Hellgrimm, the bands music has some dark themes involving death, demons and addiction, so get your rock fist raised!

The power rock trio is lead by writer / guitarist Jerry Connor and drummer / singer Erica Missey. Then in live shows they have a rotating variety of bassists, including Joseph Quinones, Adrian Cavazos, George Ortiz and Joshua Pechawer. By the looks of it, they put on one hell of a live show too! Jerry and Erica first teamed up in another band back in 2002, but Erica was a bassist. In 2010, she found her voice and switched to drums. Now, their talents are peaking with ‘Hellgrimm’ and their best album yet, in ‘Ritual’.

The single we’re highlighting here, is ‘Sin After Sin (Lowie Mortem Version)’. This version is the final track of 13 on their ‘Ritual’ album. It’s a heavier version and a lot more gritty sounding. The song keeps up it’s intensity throughout. It’s a fairly short song at just over 2 minutes, but packs a heavy punch! It’s amazing that just 3 people can make such an intensely full melodious sound, reminiscent of Rush, but from the pits of hell.

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