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Our interview with Country Group ONE The DUO

MuzicNotez: First off, it’s an honor to be doing this interview with you, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us.

Introduce yourselves, what are your names and rolls in the group?

  • O.N.E The Duo: I’m Prana Supreme. Singer, songwriter, creative director and the daughter half of OTD. I am Tekitha. Singer/Songwriter, multi hyphenate Creative Executive and the Mother of OTD.
O.N.E The Duo
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MuzicNotez: How and when did you decide to make music together? What are the pro’s and con’s of being a mother daughter duo?

  • O.N.E The Duo: Prana- We’ve been making music together my whole life but professionally that moment happened in 2014 when I asked mom if we could sing and write songs together but in a serious way. I loved making music with her in our free time but I wanted it to be more than that. The pros are easy to think of, we communicate efficiently because we basically have the same brain. We look out for each other in a way no one else would or could. The main “con” used to be that any criticism I would get from my mom I would take super personal because well, I care what my mom thinks. But if someone else were to say the exact same thing I wouldn’t have that reaction. We are relentless communicators so most of the issues that arise don’t get much traction because we actively use our tools to resolve the occasional conflict.

MuzicNotez: Being from two different generations of music, how does that influence the music you create?

  • O.N.E The Duo: Prana-I have the musical taste of an old woman. My favorite band since I was five has been earth, wind and fire haha. I think the main influence on my side is I know colloquially what’s not being said anymore. On Tekitha’s side she listens to everything so she’s got her finger on the pulse just as much as I do. I might nerd out more than her but that’s about it. I got in the car with her one day and she was listening to Wet Leg if that tells you anything. We’re both just big music connoisseurs. Tekitha- I find that being exposed to Prana’s musical taste broadens my understanding of music theory. I am a true student of music so although I love a good jam purely for the joy of listening, more often than not I’m diving deep into how the arrangement is produced, the tone and frequencies in each sound. The nuances in the vocal performance etc. Then when creating for OTD all that I have studied inevitably makes its way into the creative process.

MuzicNotez: Your latest release is the music video for ‘Feels Good’ which debuted on CMT and is really blowing up already. What inspired this track? How’s it feel to see the success it’s having already?

  • O.N.E The Duo: With Shane Stevens and Nash Overstreet we all really just wanted to create a track that challenged the country song status quo for us and to be authentic to ourselves. We didn’t go to church on Sundays but we did have the family over for a cookout. It would be disingenuous for us to write anything else.

    It feels. Good. Sorry had to do it. I think as an artist it’s important to have the utmost confidence in everything you put out because if you don’t the audience can tell and what’s the point of being creative if not to put out work you believe in. Knowing people love this song or that it has reinvigorated their love for Country music makes us feel incredibly proud.

MuzicNotez: You have hip hop roots (Mother, Tekitha – making music with Wu-Tang Clan & Daughter, Prana Supreme – being the daughter of RZA), so what inspired your road to becoming the first black mother daughter country duo?

  • O.N.E The Duo: It was a very natural progression actually. When we started working on OTD we didn’t have a genre in mind we just had a feeling. We wanted people to feel like they were sitting on the front porch with us. At first glance hip hop to country seems like a leap but we don’t believe those genres are all that different. They’re both storytelling and connect to the heart of the American experience on all sides of it. As our music started to evolve more people started to call it country. It’s a road we didn’t realize we started driving down but one we’re honored to be on.

MuzicNotez: How do you feel your brand of country music is different from anybody else?

  • O.N.E The Duo: I think because of our unique music history, that sets us apart from a lot of people. We haven’t been in the country space for long so we don’t know the rules so to say. That leads to some outside the box approaches and our sound benefits from that.

MuzicNotez: What else are you working on? What can we expect to see and hear from you in the future?

  • O.N.E The Duo: We’re working on a few things but the main thing you’ll see from us in the future is our debut album! We worked so hard on it and have some amazing people like Brent Maher, Dan Huff, and Nash Overstreet with producer credits. We can’t wait for the world to hear it! We really feel like there’s a song for everyone on this album.

MuzicNotez: Anything else you wish to say about yourself or your music? Any message for your fans?

  • O.N.E The Duo: Tekitha- We talk a lot about our roots coming from the Hip Hop community and culture and now our journey in Country music but I would like to make clear that OTD is for everyone, from ALL walks of life. We lead with love, compassion and empathy every single day and to each being we encounter. We hope the music delivers that energy when it hits your system. Peace.

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