Twitter: @stennrylander
Instagram: @steen.rylander

The latest release for Steen Rylander is the new alternative rock album ‘And I Like It’. The Danish artist creates an eclectic brand of unique music that has influences in Reggae, Soul, Pop and Rock to name a few. On his way to becoming an accompished solo artist, Steen played drums in various bands, plus performed in theatre and musicals. Beyond being a singer and the drums, Steen is proficient in a lot of other instruments too, he’s a well rounded artist.

Steen Rylander’s new album ‘And I Like It’ has 20 original tracks. The first 10 are full songs with vocals, the latter 10 are the instrumental versions. I can’t say I’ve seen an album layout like this before but I love it. It’s especially fitting for such a talented musician as Steen is. Each track on this album is so unique, all different vibes, but yet all fit together seamlessly. This album definitely has a strong retro 80’s sound to it, but with a new age spin. Listen below via Spotify and enjoy the ride!

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