Becky Raisman released her new pop album ‘Cruising’ back on November 21st. We have featured Becky on MuzicNotez here before with her releases ‘Hypnotized’, ‘This Is My Moment’ and ‘Summertime Sugar’. She’s a serious artist that continues to create new original music. Becky is a great songwriter, as you can see by the new releases once again.

The new album by Becky, ‘Cruising’ features four new tracks. The album starts out with the fun and up beat track ‘I Can Be Your Crush’. Then continues that with the more laid back and uplifting track ‘Finally Begun’. Next, we continue on to the track that nearly shares a namesake as the album ‘Go Cruising’, another track written about love. Finally, the album concludes with the chill acoustic song ‘Let’s Not Over Complicate’. Listen to the full album below on Spotify.

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