It’s hard to find truly unique bands these days. Discovering a band that’s different from the typical fare is always a treat. Unconventional sounds in music are always a lot of fun, hence why we found today’s band interesting, that being A Fragile Tomorrow and their new album, “It’s Better That Way.”

Now, what exactly is so special about this band, and what sets them apart from their contemporaries? Well, for starters, their music is quite interesting, though not in the sense that they’re incredibly experimental or anything. In fact, their latest album is fairly conventional rock music for the most part, but its experimentation is more subtle.

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Many songs in the album contain fascinating additions, like occasionally some synth hits or fun time signatures. These small changes add a lot to the overall listening experience, and during long listening sessions, it’s much appreciated. Production quality is also fantastic overall, avoiding muddiness despite complex arrangements.

Lyrically this album is politically charged, and there’s no two ways around it. A Fragile Tomorrow have always been politically active, and one of the members even left the band before this album released to be a political activist. While political opinions are simply that, what we’re interested in is the songwriting quality itself.

In a word, the lyrics here are great. The songwriting is more artistic, and even the straight to the point songs don’t sound too heavy handed, though they’re still straightforward. Expressing yourself and your opinion is a cornerstone of rock music culture, so this fits fine in the genre.

Most importantly, it all sounds good, and that’s the important thing in the end. Vocalist Sean Kelly sings with all the force and emotion of a man really trying to get his point across, and he’s doing it with passion. We actually find it quite charming, and the way the melodies wrap around his singing makes it all sound nice.

As we said earlier, we really enjoyed this album overall. There’s a lot to say about it, though taken at surface value it’s also just a fun and interesting rock album that anyone can enjoy listening to. For those who like technicality and proficiency in their music, the playing here is excellent. We’re happy to see interesting projects like this are still being released, and we can’t wait to see what else A Fragile Tomorrow has in store.

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