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Ludlow Creek features a tried-and-true western style with “What About Love”. Genre-wise he brings together country, classic rock, folk, and more into this singular whole. The whole band enters into the fray from the very first moment. By allowing the rest of the group to seemingly lift his voice up the whole thing has a delicacy to it. Over the course of the work the journey Ludlow Creek bring the listener on is truly incredible. One needs to play this as loudly as possible for theirs is a force of nature and to truly appreciate the physicality of it touches the very soul.

Drums have a commanding presence from the first moment. Within the first few moments the song’s steady groove takes shape. Everything on here has that sense of purpose one that brings to mind some of Lambchop’s own skillful arrangements. Much like their work, Ludlow Creek holds nothing back. Instrumental variety too adds to the sense of community that the song celebrates. The touches and taps of the drums add to the purposeful direction forward that the sound explores. Verses match together becoming one with his voice. Quite delicate with their immaculate production they ensure that they have a raw grit and soul to them, one that carries the song all the way to the finale. Kept lively, they twist and turn, at times completely subverting the listener’s expectations.

“What About Love” proves to be an exceptional piece, one that shows off Ludlow Creek’s ability to craft true poetry.

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