Twitter: @FiveDFit

In what seems to be a growing trend among indie alternative rock bands, FiveDFit has harnessed the big nineties sound into their debut single Super Galactic. This nod to the nostalgia includes those familiar big chord guitar tones which feature a jangly overtone. This not quite acoustic sound gives these tones a definitive resonant feel which makes the sound almost float in the room instead of filling it as most contemporary arena rock sounds do. The vocals on Super Galactic are fairly clear yet offer that nasally sound which we accompany with the neo-indie alternative movement. These vocals are very pointed, the lyrics seem to find the ears like an arrow. This targeted sound is not very full, but sits very well within its frequency range, making the vocals a dynamic part of the instrumentation and more cohesive within the band unit. Super Galactic is a mid-tempo feel that takes its time getting to the message and point of the track. This feels very fulfilling as the listener as this track feels more like a journey than a quick three-minute stimulus project. The listener walks away from Super Galactic feeling satisfied and refreshed for sticking with FiveDFit and taking the journey with them. This is a highly accomplished songwriting form, as audiences that truly appreciate this style of music, are quick to replay this track and become more vested in this project. I really appreciate how FiveDFit makes no qualms about taking a familiar form of song and making it their own, their perspective into this genre is refreshing and appealing.

Super Galactic would make an excellent addition to any Adult Contemporary, Modern Rock, or Alternative commercial radio format. The true indie sound would also make this a popular jam at most college radio level playlists, and it truly would be a perfect party tune to drink a beer by. The mix is well-executed for a debut offering, with a bit more production offered and a tighter master this track would harness the full sound the musicians are striving for. Not to take anything away from this solid effort, as a full song, Super Galactic is quite enjoyable, and one I would definitely recommend for anyone trying to get in on the ground floor with a band showing great marketability. As a debut offering, FiveDFit gives their fans a taste of the potential this group has to make great music, and we are all looking forward to the rest of the album release.

MuzicNotez Crew