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The Washington state native, and Navy veteran, Phillip Broussard, has released his amazing debut EP ‘Wavelengths’. Phillip was originally motivated to play music by his father, whom gave him his first guitar. He was then further inspired by his fathers favorite music, classic rock greats like Hendrix, Clapton and Pink Floyd.
Unfortunately, at the age of 18, and in the midst of growing passionate about his music, Phillip’s father, grandfather and uncle all passed away within 6 months time. That unfathomable grief lead Phillip to enlist in the United States Navy, which sent him to combat in Iraq. But similar to Johnny Cash, while overseas bravely fighting for our freedom, Phillip became inspired to pick up the guitar again and work on his craft.
Nearly a decade later, Phillip Broussard released his debut EP with MTS Records on November 18th, 2017, his late father’s birthday. This 5 track EP features an acoustic pop-rock sound. The songs are all written by Phillip and feature him on the vocals, as well as the guitar. The chord progressions are smooth and impactful. The whole EP is an amazing debut!

Grab the debut EP ‘Wavelengths’ on iTunes here »

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