The legendary and classic artist Bunny Sigler has been featured in our magazine a lot recently. This goes to show how actively he’s been releasing new music for us to enjoy. Now, he just released the first single off of his upcoming album ‘Young At Heart’. It’s entitled ‘Till I See You Again’ and was officially released on all major digital outlets March 24th through his label Bunz Music & Records.
Bunny combines his classic R&B sound with his take on jazz to create this new emotionally seeped ballad. This is a slower love song, sung only the way Bunny can do it. It features the pianist, and Sigler’s iconic voice gradually building throughout. The song is dedicated to the late Marvin Morrow, who co-wrote the song with Bunny. We can’t wait to hear what’s next, and you can bet you’ll find it here!

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