A highly renowned entertainer in her home country of Israel, rock-alternative musician Ninet Tayeb is gracing the US with what she’s got and is now based in Los Angeles. Recognized after winning Israel Idol over a decade ago, Tayeb’s fame skyrocketed and her debut album hit platinum in less than 24 hours! On February 3rd (2017), she released her first US album — fifth in her career — ‘Paper Parachute’ featuring 8 songs with a bonus track (available on the album). With Tayeb’s storytelling vocals and lyrics tightly fused alongside the instrumental compositions, being blown is an understatement.
A handful of lucky towns are honored with the band’s album release tour but if you don’t happen to be on the tour’s path, catching one of their LIVE feeds on Facebook is worth the watch. Perhaps if you bug them enough, they’ll put your city on the radar — psst…Chicago or Milwaukee, please!
Give Ninet Tayeb and her band some love and check out their album ‘Paper Parachute’, as well as clicking play on their video for ‘Subservient’!

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Frazier
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