The highly anticipated second single from the Cranky George debut album ‘Fat Lot of Good’ is entitled ‘Misery Road’. That same unique folk-rock sound that we all love remains a staple. This is the follow up to the last single & music video we told you about for ‘Nighttime’. Cranky George describes ‘Misery Road’ as “a song with a country flair”, and the song wears its “emotions on the sleeve”. We definitely agree, and love it!
Co-founder of Cranky George and famed actor Dermot Mulroney is on lead vocals. While co-founder, of both, Cranky George and The Progues, James Fearnley is on accordion. This star studded group has been together for a while now and is really hitting its stride. They artfully intertwine conflicting themes in their music and videos. They do this in ‘Misery Road’ with complex emotional lyrics, yet upbeat toe tapping music. Even in the music video, they’re depicting a man going through a difficult situation, while the group is dancing around. Such is life, creating the positive out of the negatives on misery’s road. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Cranky George!

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