Pablo Embon started his musical journey at a very young age in Argentina. Musical composition seemed to come natural for him, and he was quick to pick up the piano and guitar. He continued to train and be educated in various areas of music, developing into the established musician we know today. Throughout his travels around the world, he’s been influenced by various music genres. This starts from his earlier years in Argentina learning about tango and Andean folk music, to his current time in Israel learning about Hebrew/Middle Eastern styles. All of this goes into his current unique alternative jazz compositions.
The latest release from Pablo is the album ‘Funky Side of the Road’. This was all recorded, mixed and produced by Pablo Embon in Israel. The album includes a variety of instrumental Jazz-Fusion styles throughout, combined with some elements of funk, creating a very unique sound. There are 12 diverse tracks on the album. Enjoy it below and be sure to grab it on CD Baby December 19th!

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